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Degree Apprenticeship Interviews are Being SMASHED!

Degree Apprenticeship Interview Success!

How do you get 4 Degree Apprenticeships sorted in 10 days?

You get involved in My Great First Job’s Project 13 - that’s what you do!

(If you're here for recording of our 'Smash Your Interview' webinar, scroll down👇)

It’s been great to see these messages coming in over the last week or so from 6th Formers who’ve been involved in Project 13 and have now secured a Degree Apprenticeship.

Straight out of 6th Form, onto a salary over £20,000, their degree course all paid for by their new employer, and about to gain a tonne of valuable skills in the workplace. Sounds pretty good!

A really significant reason why these 4 students were successful was the amount of time and effort they put into preparing for their interviews.

We worked really hard with the students to make sure they would be the most prepared candidates in the room….and their efforts really paid off.

Huge thanks to Aspire Higher and South East Midlands Careers Hub for supporting 6th Form students who are looking for alternatives to the traditional university route.

If you work in a school/college, for a Careers Hub or a Uni Connect organisation, and would like to see Project 13 bringing this sort of value to your students just get in touch and we can chat it through.

In the meantime if you know of a young person looking to ACE their interview here's the link to the FREE recording of our recent webinar - How To Absolutely SMASH Your Interview.


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