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Tom Gets His Great Business Management Degree Apprenticeship

congratulations tom degree apprenticeship

We'd like to say a huge congratulations to Tom, who starts a Business Management Degree Apprenticeship in September. This means he’ll have no student debt, will get a tonne of work experience and will get paid a great salary for the next 3 years.

Alongside his one day a week at university, Tom will be working 2 days in the office and 2 days from home…. so he’s got a great ‘hybrid working’ experience too.

Throughout his final year of A-Levels, Tom has been on my Career Mentoring Programme.

During the last 12 months Tom and I have had a monthly online meeting that focused initially on his personal branding, then moved on to completing degree apprenticeship applications and finished up with interview preparation sessions.

After our last session Tom sent me this message:

“Thank you Dale for supporting me over the last year. You have helped significantly with my Degree Apprenticeship Applications which have led to my success. It’s been great to talk to you about my options, how to write applications and prepare for interviews. You have been extremely helpful and I am very grateful”

Good luck in your GREAT FIRST JOB Tom! 👍

If you’d like to be part of my career mentoring programme, head to the Mentoring page, or fill out a contact form.


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